Fundraising (JEFF)

Who is JEFF?

Jamieson Education Family and Friends or JEFF is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization, founded in 2003 by parents and teachers, committed to promote and augment a well rounded education at Jamieson Elementary School.  To that end, JEFF’s mission is to provide resources and foster community engagement to enhance the educational and enrichment goals of Jamieson. Our school is a  widely diverse K- 8 neighborhood school where over 20  languages are spoken; and is a model of consistent educational excellence.   JEFF takes pride in its distinct community and our past success in raising funds to support the school and surrounding neighborhood. .

JEFF looks forward to working with members and friends of the school community to make this an outstanding year full of learning and fun. JEFF meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6:15pm at a location determined by the board. It will be posted on the website and our Facebook page. The meetings are open and all Jamieson families are welcome to attend. Please join us in our efforts to make Jamieson the best school in Chicago!

JEFF Board

  • Allison Freedland, parent,  President
  • Angie Fousias, parent, Vice President
  • Mary Grovesteen, parent, Treasurer
  • Simona Grabowski, parent, Secretary
  • Amy Iwanicki, teacher
  • Maria Koris, parent
  • Betsy Kupperman, teacher
  • Linda Murakami, teacher
  • Kathy Parish, Community
  • Jenny Winkin, parent
  • Zoki Zlatkovic, teacher

Visit the JEFF website for more details and find out how you can help.


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